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Photograph of two young professionals in an office setting. There are stylized graphics representing a renewal tracker, employee survey results, benefits industry trends, and a recommended strategy overlaid on top.

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The recent Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling has resulted in one of the largest healthcare policy shifts in recent memory at both a federal and state level. We know and have heard from you, our HR community, that you’re facing an avalanche of questions from across your organization. While we don’t have all the answers yet, we’re here to help you begin navigating the implications of this ruling for your organization and employees.We are hosting a group discussion led by Ellen Meza, Sr. Director of Global Benefits, Well-being, & Mobility at DocuSign, Paul Roberts, Employee Benefits Compliance Expert & Sr. Director, Education & Market Development at Word & Brown, and Matthew Damm, Counsel, Employment Law at Fenwick & West. They will be unpacking their approach to employee messaging and comms, considerations about policy changes, and answering your top questions with the details we have at hand.We recognize that this may be a highly-charged topic that affects many of us personally; this conversation will focus specifically on the healthcare and benefits strategy implications of the recent ruling, and what this means for your employer's benefits approach.

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