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Client Perspective
It’s rare to find a benefits partner who understands the delicate balance between containing costs and leveling up our employees' benefits experience. And, it’s even more rare for them to make your life as an HR leader easier. That’s what Nava has done for us.
Nancy Sanchez
Human Resources Director
FamilyFirst Funding
Client Perspective
We immediately felt the impact of having Nava as our benefits partner. In only a month, they were able to successfully combat our renewal increase, upgrade us to a larger national carrier, and completely revamp the open enrollment process – all while simultaneously saving us money and enriching our employee benefits program.
Dan Stenson
Business Director
Client Perspective
I am beyond impressed with the level of care, breadth of service, and detail we have seen with Nava. It is night and day compared to previous brokers I have worked with!
Laura May
Chief Financial Officer
King Chavez Neighborhood of Schools