A modern employee benefits broker

Nava has completely reimagined the employee benefits experience for small and mid-market employers to help you:

  • Save money on benefits
  • Educate employees
  • Streamline HR
Save money on benefits

Reduce your benefits spend without having to sacrifice quality

On average, customers save 7.2% on their benefits spend when Nava manages their renewal.

  • Use funding strategies typically reserved for larger companies
  • Receive structured help and guidance every step of the way
  • Compare your benefit plans/costs to similar companies
educate employees

Support employees year-round with a modern benefits experience

94% of Nava customers report better understanding their benefit experience after using Nava.

  • Measure satisfaction with employee focus groups and surveys
  • Make better plan choices with personalized support
  • Communicate benefits in modern, interactive ways
streamline HR

Spend less time on complex benefits administration

Nava streamlines everything benefits - from onboarding to compliance to legal filings and more.

  • Manage ongoing compliance and core healthcare filings
  • Conduct audits across carriers to ensure compliance
  • Process elections and coordinate changes

Hear from our customers

"he tools they provide have greatly improved our employee experience when it comes to navigating benefits and their service team is like an extension of my own."
Laurie Halsey
"We were looking for a partner who would not just give us options, but would look at our unique needs and design and implement something that made sense for our organization. That's what Nava has done for us."
Lynette Jamison
Senior Director of Global Total Rewards, HR & Payroll
"Nava has brought an abundance of knowledge and assistance to our department and we feel fortunate to work with a team of benefits experts that provide a higher performance level, resourcefulness, and professionalism."
Michele P

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