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The 4.9 star employee benefits brokerage

Nava has earned  4.9 stars on G2 and moved hundreds of customers off of traditional insurance companies in the last 3 years.

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The service team is very quick to respond to both myself and our employees! Their presentation skills were amazing this week as we kicked off open enrollment and I received numerous compliments about the presentation and how "easy" this process has been for everyone! Kudos to your team!!
Katie Love
HR Lead
Balance Staffing
We immediately felt the impact of having Nava as our benefits partner. In only a month, they were able to successfully combat our renewal increase, upgrade us to a larger national carrier, and completely revamp the open enrollment process – all while simultaneously saving us money and enriching our employee benefits program.
Dan Stenson
Business Director
Nava has brought an abundance of knowledge and assistance to our department and we feel fortunate to work with a team of benefits experts that provide a higher performance level, resourcefulness, and professionalism.
Michele Perry
Director of HR
American Assets Trust

The Nava Difference

Nava has reimagined the traditional benefits brokerage to better support the modern employer.
Expertise + technology
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Nava melds deep industry expertise with cutting-edge technology capabilities enabling us to deliver better support and strategies.
Direct employee support
Nava supports your employees through every step of their benefits journey with an intuitive platform and experts ready to answer any question.
Exclusive HR community
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Nava clients get access to an exclusive community of peers led by HR thought leaders from companies like Slack, Airbnb, and Delta.
Your Benefits back office
Unlike traditional brokers, Nava manages the tedious benefits administration tasks so you can focus on more strategic HR work.

Why have Nava manage your benefits?

Business left these brokers to come to Nava:

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A better renewal strategy, delivered on time

Today's renewal experience can be frustrating: information is delivered late and little time is spent on strategy or reviewing alternatives, ultimately leaving money on the table. Nava's tech enabled approach delivers a proactive process resulting in better decisions and less stress for your team, every time.

  • Automate the renewal process with no surprises with a customized playbook specific to your company situation and goals
  • Innovative solutions give you more leverage and multiple options at renewal
  • Expand options beyond traditional solutions and coverage with our ‘No Stone Unturned’ commitment
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Nava acts as your benefits back office

Benefits administration is time-consuming and error-prone, often taking up 15-20% of your team’s time. Nava manages these back office tasks to dramatically streamline benefits administration for your team.

  • Quickly reconcile elections ensuring your employees are on the right plans
  • Automate auditing between benefits administration systems and carriers to identify errors before they become an issue and eliminate overcharging
  • Stay up to date on compliance filings, updates, and access to ERISA expertise when you need it
Photograph of a young woman looking at her smartphone. Overlaid on top is a graphic of a phone with the Nava Benefits App visible on screen showing the user's ID cards. A reminder notification says, "Rashad, remember to use your $100 wellness stipend by the end of the month."
There are two chat bubbles, one from the user that says, "Can you help me with this medical bill?"
The response is from a Nava benefits advocate that says "Sure! Let me pull up your information and take a look."

Modern member support, delivered year round

About 80% of employees are confused by benefits and 50% don’t know what’s in their plan. Nava brings together an intuitive member experience platform and easy to reach benefit experts that support your employees and save you time.

  • Bring together all your employee benefits from medical insurance to company perks with an interactive benefits wallet
  • Help employees keep everything together with pre-loaded digital insurance ID cards, plan details, and relevant links
  • Nava's benefits experts are a click away, and ready to answer any benefits question your employees have, year round

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