Nava Benefits App

Welcome to the modern member experience.

Pairing powerful technology with benefits expertise to help employees better understand and use their benefits.

Nava Benefits app on a mobile phone being held in a person's hand

Expert help at your employees’ fingertips.

Augment your HR team

Between missing insurance cards, rejected claims, and in-network confusion, HR is often on the front-lines to answer their employees’ pressing care questions.

Member resources

Nava’s modern approach to Member Experience cuts down HR’s inbox while giving employees the resources they need to better understand and use their plans.

Member support

Focused on the Nava Benefits App, we support employees through their benefits journey with an intuitive platform and a team of in-house Benefits Advocates ready to address their urgent & sensitive questions.

A better way to understand, find, and use your benefits.

Need a better way to support your employees?