Our mission

America is facing a healthcare crisis. We’re on a mission to fix it.

We’re a cross-functional team of benefits and technology experts on a mission to bring high-quality, affordable healthcare to all Americans.
Our Team

What brings us together.

US healthcare by the numbers.

GDP spent
of US GDP is spent on healthcare  – 75% more than the G20 avg.
Increased cost
increase in healthcare costs vs. wages since 2010.
Americans indebted
is the number of Americans with medical debt in collections.

America’s largest companies play by a different set of rules.

This playbook works. These employers pay less and get more for their healthcare dollars. But only a handful of companies can afford this.

They hire in-house experts in benefits, technology, and change management.
They tie compensation to employee satisfaction and cost containment.
They give them cutting-edge tools.

Nava’s leveling
the playing field.

Nava Benefits brings you the tools, insights, and benefits knowledge from the country’s biggest and most admired companies in an easy-to-deploy package that helps employers save 8 - 22% on their benefits, all while lowering co-pays and employee deductibles.

Nava Spotlight

Why we started Nava

Hear from Nava Benefits’ Co-Founders, Brandon Weber and Donald DeSantis, on what sparked their interest in healthcare, why they think benefits brokers are the key to fixing the American healthcare system, and how this mission inspired them to start Nava.

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Help us fix healthcare.

Benefits brokers are key to fixing healthcare in America. They guide the healthcare decisions of 160 million Americans, and serve as the gateway to health and benefits innovation. We’re reimagining the modern benefits brokerage to bring that innovation to millions of Americans.