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At Nava we're on a mission to fix healthcare in America and we need America's best brokers to do it. In just a few short years we've already become the industry's #1 rated benefits broker for customer satisfaction and we're just getting started. Schedule a chat to learn a bit more about Nava and how we can take your business to the next level.

Why join Nava?

Make more money

Nava’s lead generation machine generates 67% of our brokers' net new business. All complemented by industry-leading splits.

Get time back

Custom tools and support teams eliminate your major administrative workflows while delivering standout year round client service.


Receive equity in Nava the moment you start, including the possibility for additional grants throughout your tenure.

Do good and do well

Join our mission to fix healthcare with an inclusive, positive culture where you’ll make a meaningful impact from day one.

From our CEO

What our brokers are saying

"I literally feel like I am on a rocketship with tools and technology to drive change and create an entirely different paradigm and shift in our industry."
Profile photo of Chris Renzulli
Chris Renzulli
"In the brokerage space, there’s so much focus on bringing in business and building revenue — but rarely do you see brokers actively driving innovation. Nava’s not afraid to try to fix things."
Portrait photo of Erin Chisdak
Erin Chizdack
"I joined Nava because the company is making a bold bet on not only itself and its ability to drive change in an arena where few have been successful, but also on the potential of this country to innovate and find better ways to serve employers and their employees."
Portrait photo of Marcel Ocampo
Marcel Ocampo
Partner & Market Director

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