Member Experience Onboarding

Below is an overview of how we will onboard you and your employees over the course of two weeks to our new member experience tool.


To successfully onboard your employees onto the Nava Benefits App.


Reduce the time you spend answering benefits questions while helping  employees better understand and use their benefits.  

What is Nava's approach to Member Experience?

Elected Plan Information

Employees can easily access plan information specific to their elections. No more forgetting the name of their medical plan or their deductible amount; it’s now right on their phone.

Icon of an insurance card
Member ID Numbers

Stop searching for your member ID card. With our Nava Benefits App, employees can access their member ID numbers while they are in a doctor’s office or trying to book an appointment.

An icon of a question mark
Ongoing Education

Employees can search through pre-populated articles on the most frequently asked benefits questions.

Most importantly: getting answers

Nava has a team of Benefits Advocates ready to respond to benefits questions from your employees. Your employees can easily message our Benefits Advocates within the app and get answers within 24 hours. For employees who elect not to use the app, the team is also available via email. Employees can get help with:
  • General medical, dental, vision or ancillary benefits questions
  • Carrier enrollment issues
  • Dependent enrollment questions
  • Plan summary explanations
  • Finding in-network providers
  • Claims guidance
  • Bill or EOB clarification
  • Open enrollment plan explanations so they can make the best decision for themselves and their family
Image of the iPhone frameAnimated gif showing the messaging feature in the Nava Benefits App. A user asks for help understanding the medical chargers on their bill, and a Nava Benefits advocate provides information on their coverage and costs.
Onboarding Week 1

All About HR

Before we dive into the app, it's important to understand how it plays into our approach to member experience. We've designed the implementation process to get employees onboarded easily so you can start reaping the benefits quickly.

Who leads the onboarding process?

The Nava Member Support Team will upload your company’s employee information into the app. Our team may require your help with retrieving any missing data or additional information needed to get everyone onboarded quickly and smoothly. Please see data list below in the "Pre-Launch Checklist".

Where will employees go?

Employees will have access to their own landing page showing them all the ins and outs of how to use the app. Depending on the census information provided, we will be sending employees either an email or text notification to easily download the app onto their smartphones. If employees encounter issues accessing the app, they can email

Remember, employees can use the in-app messaging function to speak with our team of Benefits Advocates on benefits-related topics and challenges. Instead of questions adding up in your inbox, you can now direct them to our member support team.

What does the onboarding process look like?

Onboarding will take two weeks to get everyone up and running in the app. Week 1 will be dedicated to HR education and collecting data. Week 2 will be dedicated to employee education and adoptions. Employees should be able to see their elections on the Monday following the two-week onboarding period.

What Does This (Really) Mean for You and Your Employees?

For Employees
For HR
For Employees
Benefits Wallet
Insurance cards, plan resources, benefits guides, custom company perks, and more — all at your employees' fingertips.
For HR
Leveled-up Benefits Experience
Confidence knowing your employees have on-the-go secure access to all of their employee benefits exactly when they need it.
For Employees
Benefits Knowledge & Literacy
A cheat sheet that breaks down benefits terminology into jargonless language that anyone can easily understand.
For HR
Enhanced Perception of Benefits
When employees understand their benefits, they make better benefits decisions. That means increased utilization, high satisfaction, and strategic benefits spend.
For Employees
Push Notifications
Employees won't miss important updates or deadlines with instantaneous in-app push notifications.
For HR
Benefits Communication
Add a new dimension to your multi-touch benefits communication strategy that reaches employees on the go and in their pocket.

Pre-launch Checklist

We only need three documents to run this process on time. If one or more of the following items are unchecked, it risks delaying the implementation process.

Crunched for time? Much of this information can be pulled by the Nava team if we have access to your Ben Admin systems and plan materials.

  • Nava has received all data required to upload employees to the app
  • Current Benefits Guide
  • Plan Summary for Each Line of Coverage
  • Enrollment Census Including Dependents (Nava will pull from ben admin)
    • First and Last Name
    • Social Security Number
    • Gender
    • Date of Birth
    • Date of Hire
    • Plan Elections
    • Email
    • Phone Number*
  • HR has reviewed the onboarding landing page and understands member experience
  • HR has sent the employee-facing onboarding materials to each employee (below)
* Important
If employee phone numbers are not available and/or provided, employees will receive download instructions via email.
Onboarding Week 2

All About Employees

Next up, we want to make sure your employees understand the value of Member Experience. We've pulled together resources that answer why should they download the app, previews what support and resources they can access, and what types of questions they can get answered.

Employee Landing Page

We’ve created this landing page which includes directions on how to download the app, screenshots of its core features, and frequently asked questions including an overview of the types of things they can access within the app and a list of the types of questions that can be answered.

Employee Launch Week

The day is here! Your employees will be able to use the Nava Benefits App to see their elected plans, pull plan summaries, look up their member ID numbers, search benefits articles, and ask our Benefits Advocates questions via the chat function.

The best part? On launch day YOU will be able to direct employees to the app whenever they have complex benefits questions, need help with a carrier enrollment issue, or forgot their member ID card at the doctor’s office. That's another thing off your plate.

Launch Resources

To maximize adoption and utilization, we're proposing a three-step employee communications plan that includes a launch email, in addition to either two SMS reminders or two email reminders (depending on availability of employee phone numbers). We've provided a preview of the copy in the drop-downs below. Please note that we ask that you send the kickoff email to employees.

Employee-facing communications

HR launch email to employees

[phone login] SMS download prompts

[email login] Email download instructions