The Ultimate Guide to the
Employee Benefits Survey

Just in time for benefits renewals, here's your guide to mastering the annual employee benefits survey

The employee survey is an art. 🎨

When employers get it right, these surveys can lead to an informed benefits renewals strategy, a stronger foundation of employee support, and an overall happier workplace.

But mastering this craft takes nuance. So with renewals season right around the corner, Nava Benefits is sharing all you need to create an effective survey, get actionable feedback, and put that data to work in building a stronger benefits offering.


The Five Golden Rules of the Survey

I. Don’t ask if you’re not willing to make changes.

II. Look at the trends, but don’t miss out on the outliers. A great benefits offering can offer value to the full spectrum of your employee population — and if it’s missing some folks, it matters.

III. Quantitative data draws the big picture, but qualitative data fills in the details. Make sure your survey can capture both.

IV. Respect the trifecta: literacy, adoption, and sentiment. If you want an effective survey, you need to test for all three.

V. Transparency leads to trust. Don’t forget to share key findings with participants afterwards.


Want this? Try that.

If you want to make a business case for building out your benefits offering, try asking...
"If we offered one additional benefit that you do not have access to today, what would you want that to be?"

If you want to
save your employees some cash but don't know how, try asking...
"Would you rather pay less on your monthly premiums, or have a lower deductible?

If you want to determine how well your offering covers out-of-pocket costs, try asking...
"To what extent do you feel financially stretched paying for your annual health costs?


Download Your Unbranded, Plug-and-Play Sample Survey

Clearly survey-building is a lost art form. So if you don’t have the bandwidth to create your own masterpiece, you can put those art supplies away. Because we did it for you.

Download the survey template using your preferred platform:
Google Form
Simply click "Make a copy" then edit as you see fit, and send away!
Get the Google Form
Feel free to edit and make it your own.
Get the PDF

Three Non-Negotiables of a Great Survey

~10 minutes to complete

Any longer and folks may dip out early. Any shorter and you might be missing key details.

An icon of a question mark

If you want the nitty gritty, you’ll need to give folks the space to speak freely.

Icon of a paper with pencil to show a list
“Comments/feedback” boxes galore

Sometimes a multiple choice answer won’t cut it. These short answer boxes open the door to elaboration.


Your Survey-Building Crash Course

Everything you need to know to build your employee benefits survey