HR's Guide to
Mastering Engaging Employee Benefits Communications

The engagement struggle is real.

Let's face it, HR pros have a tough job. Not only do you have to navigate complex benefits packages, but you also have to get employees to actually pay attention to and utilize them. It's like trying to get a toddler to like and eat their vegetables - a seemingly impossible task. That's why we've partnered with Red Bull, a company known for its high energy and innovative approach, to bring you the best of both worlds. We've tapped their Director of Benefits (and Nava Advisor), Sara Richards to unpack her winning formula.
Gone are the days of boring and mundane benefits communications. With our guide, HR professionals will learn how to create engaging and interactive communications that employees will actually want to read. From witty and humorous content to playful visuals, we'll show you how to make benefits communication fun and effective. So say goodbye to those unread emails and hello to a more engaged and informed workforce.
The guide contains:
  • A webinar and toolkit for HR pros on how to engage employees in this digital era
  • Innovative strategies that drive meaningful engagement (and what to avoid)
  • Actionable tips and tricks that are working for companies like Red Bull
  • Examples of how to leverage employees and vendors to lighten HR's load
Get ready to give your benefits communications a serious facelift. You got this!
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