HR's Open Enrollment
Project Management Template

Welcome to an easier OE season!

You know it, we know it; the benefits open enrollment can sometimes feel like wrestling a bodybuilding octopus (just us?). The complexity of the project may stay the same, but the right tools can set you up for a seamless open enrollment season.

This year, we're arming you with an easy and comprehensive OE project management template that will save you time, headaches, and help you feel in control and ahead of the game.

We created this master template after consulting with our Benefits Advisory Board to snag their project management plans, our Client Success team to understand what brokers can and should be supporting, and our HR clients who have asked us for help.
This template contains:
Best of all, it's customizable by YOUR plan effective and OE dates, so it’s helpful from the jump.

Download your template today and go into your open enrollment reason with full confidence and ease. You got this!

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