The Year Ahead

HR & Benefits Trends Predictions for 2023

We’re calling it now:
2023 is the year of new rules

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A new game calls for a new approach. And we’re all ready for a revamp.

if there’s anything these last few years have shown us, it’s that the HR game has changed. Your needs and expectations have transformed — and it’s time to update and upgrade.

When you work in HR, you’re constantly thinking three steps ahead. Good news: we have those steps already mapped out.

Nava Benefits has compiled insights, predictions, and tips from the Best of the Best minds in benefits to help you prepare for 2023 — the good, the bad, and the new.


The HR Leader Starter Pack: 2023 Edition

Take this with you, and you’ll be better equipped to survive the highs and lows of the year ahead.

Icon of a paper with pencil to show a list
A solid metrics tracking sheet
When things get chaotic, hard numbers will be your best friend.
An icon of a handshake
Tight relationships with your exec team
Because you deserve a seat at the table.
An icon showing a simple bar graph
Business cases for your benefits plans
Benefits will continue to play an essential role in hiring, retention, and employee engagement at a critical time. Now more than ever, be sure to highlight that impact with key metrics.
An icon with two x's and an o with an arrow that marks a path through the x's
Employee retention & engagement programs ready to deploy
Between all-time-high burnout levels, the wake of the Great Resignation, and the economic downturn halting hiring sprees, now’s the time to focus on employees.
An icon of two people with a star between them
Your HR community in your corner
Most HR folks are navigating uncharted territory — but someone else has definitely been there before (and they’re probably happy to help!)
An icon of a sofa
Time blocked off for a nap
Yes, really. Let yourself indulge every once in a while. Your body and mind will thank you!


The Savvy HR Leader’s Ultimate Guide to the Year Ahead

All our trends predictions, actionable guidance, and expert tips — compiled into a digital book to guide you through every high and low in the coming year. Don’t start your 2023 planning without it.

Inside you’ll find:

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Predictions for the hottest benefits to offer in 2023
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Step-by-step guidance on how to prepare for the year ahead
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Tips from the Fortune 500 HR experts on the Nava Benefits Advisory Board


Your 2023 need-to-know digest.

Everything you need to know for the year ahead