Performance guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Nava Benefits offers the industry’s first money-back performance guarantee, which means our fees are transparent and contingent on your satisfaction.

Aligning our compensation to your satisfaction.

Broker commissions are often 4-5% of premiums, but can go higher than 7%. Most employers are in the dark about the fact that hundreds of thousands of their premiums could be going to the broker — and when they receive poor service, there’s nowhere to turn.

Nava's promise is radically different and it’s a first for the industry.

The Nava Performance Guarantee works like this: if you believe we've failed to deliver on our plan at year’s end, you walk away and we refund our fees. It’s that simple.


Building year-round accountability into every client relationship.

We personalize a 48-point benefit service plan that ensures year-round alignment.
We offer transparent reporting of each tool deployed to you and your employees.
We set quarterly team goals and proactively review their progress.
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Holding ourselves accountable with the Nava Performance Guarantee

The Nava Performance Guarantee provides 100% fee transparency, and we make our fees contingent on client satisfaction. Put simply, if at the end of the year you believe we've materially failed to deliver on our plan for the year, you can fire us and we'll return the fee. It's that simple.

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I am just so relieved to have someone like you in our corner and relieved to have your team at Nava in our arsenal for 2024. Thank you again - you have no idea the relief you’ve brought me and time you’ve saved me this year!
Laura Maly
The service team is very quick to respond to both myself and our employees! I received numerous compliments about how "easy" this process has been!
Katie Love
HR Lead
Photo of Katie Love from Balance Staffing
They were able to successfully combat our renewal increase, upgrade us to a larger national carrier, and completely revamp the open enrollment process – all while simultaneously saving us money and enriching our employee benefits program.
Dan Stenson
Business Director
Photo of Dan Stenson from Catbird in an interior setting
I really appreciate that the Nava team is proactive when it comes to putting together a benefits package recommendation. I can send any employee to Nava app with any question they may have without having to be the middle man myself.
Amanda Norman
HR Manager
Photo of Amanda Norman from Scalable Commerce outside in front of green foliage
Nava Benefits is committed to providing top-notch benefits solutions and personalized customer service. Additionally, Nava's mission of fixing healthcare, making it more accessible, and being technology-forward is directly aligned with my company's mission.
Rachel Whiffin
Head of People and Culture
Photo of Rachel Whiffin from Sleepscore Labs
I am beyond impressed with the level of care, breadth of service, and detail we have seen with Nava. It is night and day compared to previous brokers I have worked with!
Laura May
Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Laura May from King Chavez Neighborhood Schools in an interior setting
The Nava team has become an extension of our internal HR department, providing services to our employees, contacting carriers on their behalf, and resolving billing or enrollment discrepancies. Nava has filled a gap that I was not finding with other benefit broker teams.
HR Manager

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