A groundbreaking performance pledge

Nava Benefits offers the industry’s first money-back performance guarantee, which means our fees are transparent and contingent on your satisfaction.

Aligning our compensation to your satisfaction

Broker commissions are often 4-5% of premiums, but can go higher than 7%. Most employers are in the dark about the fact that hundreds of thousands of their premiums could be going to the broker — and when they receive poor service, there’s nowhere to turn.

Nava's promise is radically different and it’s a first for the industry. The Nava Performance Guarantee works like this: if you believe we've failed to deliver on our plan at year’s end, you walk away and we refund our fees. It’s that simple.

Building year-round accountability into every client relationship

We personalize a 48-point benefit service plan that ensures year-round alignment.

We offer transparent reporting of each tool deployed to you and your employees.

We set quarterly team goals and proactively review their progress.


Nava Advisors Weigh In
Nava is going to revolutionize the broker-employer relationship. We're no longer accepting business as usual when it comes to transparency in communication.
Tracy Desmond,
Head of Global Benefits, Wellbeing & Mobility at Airbnb

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