How Companies Pay
For Employee Benefits

Your ultimate guide to innovative funding options for benefits to
save you money, and improve employee satisfaction and retention.

Did you know that most US companies are shelling out more money than necessary on health insurance? It's true, and it's largely because they're not using the best strategy for benefits payments.

Sure, you may have heard of self-funding, but did you know there are other options that could be a better fit for your business? The trouble is, navigating the complicated world of insurance can be overwhelming, especially when all the jargon is thrown in.

That's why we've put together the ultimate guide to benefits funding strategy. Answering questions like: 

  1. Is my company paying too much for benefits?
  2. How does my company pay for employee's claims?
  3. How can I reduce the cost of benefits to employees?

Everything You Need To Know About Benefits Funding Strategy Ebook

Download your ultimate guide to benefits funding strategies created by the experts.

What we cover:

  • The landscape of funding options; spanning from fully insured to self insured and reference based pricing
  • The pros and cons to each strategy plus a clear framework for how to determine where your company fits.
  • How to evaluate your current plan and identify areas where you can optimize your spend
  • Tactical steps to move your ideal funding plan into action

Beyond Traditional Funding: Innovative Approaches to Employee Benefits

Join experts Bryan Davis and Colleen Locke with Nava and Todd Bisping with Caterpillar Inc. to unpack the foundation of how employee benefits are funded.

Funding Type Masterclasses

Join our experts for a 20 minute deeper dive on each funding option.

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Your Funding Flowchart

Absorbed all the details, but want a hand in your decision process? Take a peek at our funding flowchart and see what might be right for you.

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