Beyond Traditional Funding: Innovative Approaches to
Employee Benefits

Your guide to understanding how companies pay for employee benefits and what the best option may be for you.

Benefits Funding 101

The majority of companies in the U.S. are overpaying for their health insurance. Much of that is due to the companies themselves selecting a suboptimal strategy for paying for benefits.

You may have heard of self-funding, but many don’t realize there’s an entire range of options between being fully-insured and the other end of the spectrum. But sorting through all the options is nothing short of confusing and if you combine that with the heavy jargon of the insurance industry it becomes a daunting task to even understand the landscape.

Which is why Nava created the ultimate guide to benefits funding strategy. Here you’ll learn the foundation of all funding options, their pros and cons and a framework to determine what’s right for your company now and in the long term. Bryan Davis and Colleen Locke with Nava and Todd Bisping with Caterpillar Inc. will unpack all the details to make you into a funding pro.

What you’ll learn:
1. The landscape of funding options; spanning from fully insured to self insured and reference based pricing (including all the options in between).
2. The pros and cons to each strategy plus a clear framework for how to determine where your company fits.
3. Tactical steps to move your ideal funding plan into action

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