The Ultimate Playbook to Nailing the Benefits RFP Process

To RFP or not to RFP?

Unlock the key to finding the perfect benefits partner by asking the right questions. Don't let the benefits RFP process overwhelm you - our template makes it easy.

We created "The Ultimate Playbook to Nailing the Benefits RFP Process" to help you create a winning benefits RFP that uncovers the best brokers for your business.

Short on time? No worries! Our editable, unbranded template has got you covered with a range of expert-recommended questions to get the answers you're looking for.

This unbranded template answers three key questions:
✅ What makes a great benefits RFP?
✅ Which questions should I ask when assessing benefits brokers?
✅ What's the ideal timeline for managing the benefits RFP process?

We know that a great benefits broker RFP is made up of insightful questions that strategically uncover brokers' values, services, and level of support. That's why our HR expert-approved template includes a list of top must-have questions to include in your RFP.

Ready to take your employee benefits game to the next level? Download our free template now and find the perfect benefits broker partner without overloading your to-do list.

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