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Advisor perspective
What we're doing at Caterpillar can be done by small-to-midsize employers across the country — but to make that happen, they need a partner they can trust. Usually it goes that the smaller the company, the less leverage they have in healthcare. That's one of the problems Nava is trying to solve. With a high level of transparency and a strong commitment to the client's needs, Nava is on track to become a champion of SMB benefits.
Todd Bisping
Global Benefits & Health Manager
Advisor perspective
As someone who has sat in the role of HR leader and benefits consultant, I have witnessed firsthand just how much this space needs innovation. It's even better when that innovation is anchored in a mission we can all get behind: high-quality, affordable healthcare for all.
Ellen Meza
Director of Global Benefits, Wellness, & Mobility
Advisor perspective
Nava aims to revolutionize the broker-employer relationship. Driving change in the healthcare industry means being proactive, innovative, and forward-thinking. That's what Nava brings to small-to-midsize employers and I'm thrilled to be a part of a team working together to disrupt the existing system.
Tracy Desmond
Head of Global Benefits, Wellbeing & Mobility
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