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Step away from your desk for an afternoon and join us to explore a beautiful estate winery. We’ll start off with a wine tasting and short tour of the grounds to learn about the family history and their wine making process. (That counts as an educational programming, right?) Next, we’ll enjoy a relaxing lunch by the pond under the old oak trees overlooking the vineyard. This is your chance to unplug from work and enjoy some of nature’s beauty – both visually and gustatorily.

Don’t miss this chance to sip, savor, and socialize with your local HR peers.

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*Shuttle service will be provided from Santa Barbara to Grassini and back. Location details will be shared after registration is completed.

About Grassini Family Vineyards

Instead of joining the rest of the family at church on Sundays, Larry Grassini's grandfather Articondo Grassini was more religious about keeping a garden. Articondo came to the United States from Pisa, Italy in the early 1900s with his wife Afiora Tinucci. He would stay home on Sundays to make that evening’s ravioli from the green bounty of his garden, while enjoying a glass of wine (or two)…. He also kept several chickens as part of his garden. As a nod to Grandpa Articondo, industrious fowl roam our vineyard while sustainably fertilizing the vines.

Larry's father Leo Peter Grassini—when not making ravioli on Sundays—was equally passionate about keeping a garden to grow much of the family’s food. He shared his love for the soil with his children and grandchildren, and this firmly-entrenched tradition has been lovingly passed on and extended to include a vegetable garden that has been planted at the vineyard.

These earthy traditions have now been entrusted to the third and fourth generations. From day one, Larry's wife Sharon and daughters Katie, Corey, Mandy and Molly have been there in support of this exciting and enriching undertaking. At Grassini Family Vineyards and Winery, our extended family’s passion for beauty, the commitment to hard work and a memorable place all come together to make the wine in bottles bearing our family’s label something special. It is our hope that you will enjoy the poetry of the wine and its sense of place and tradition with your friends and family. Articondo would have been proud.

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