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MAY 10, 2023

Session 3: Putting your plan into action

Join us for our third and final session of the 2023 Roadmap for Designing Your Benefits Strategy In A Fluctuating Economy series.

We’ve covered how to gather the data and context, how to build your proposal, and now, we’re going to discuss how to put that plan into action. It’s time to take all that hard prep work and ensure that your launch plan is smooth, proactive and sets you up for success.

To tackle this, we’re bringing back the experts:

Sara Richards, Director of Benefits at Red Bull  &
Ellen Meza, VP of Total Rewards and People Operations at Crunchyroll (previously with DocuSign)

Here’s what they’ll cover:

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How to finalize your new contracts, including tips on pricing, design and negotiation
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Tactical advice to set up your internal teams for success
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Creative comms best practices to reduce friction, increase engagement, and ensure you get the ROI on your programs

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